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We invite you (Competition Rules )

The Comenius School Project Mathematics In Our Life - an international graphics competition for pupils from Poland, Portugal, Czech, Romania and Slovenia, organised by the Coordinating Team from Gimnazjum School no. 23 in Bydgoszcz.

Pupils of primary schools and gimnazjum schools are invited to take part.
The detailed aims and rules of the competition are attached.
We are counting on the support of teachers to spread the idea of the competition.

We reserve the right to present completed works as well as to publish the results in the press and internet.

School Project Coordinator
Iwona Zbyszyńska

Mosaic Making

A graphics competition under the patronage of:
The Kujawsko-Pomorski Teacher Education Center and
the Head Teacher of Gimnazjum School no. 23 in Bydgoszcz.

Competition Aims

1. Familiarising pupils with the various possibilities of mosaic making using polygons and designing one of the following four types of mosaic:

- regular (or Platonic) mosaic - made using one kind of regular polygon;

- semi-regular (or Archimedean) mosaic - made from various regular polygons, but in such a way that all peaks look identical;

- regular-sided polygon (or Johnson) mosaic, in which all polygons are regular but the peaks are not identical;

- Escher style, filling the surface with any kind of equal polygons.

2. Developing skills for using computer graphics programs and pupils artistic abilities.

3. Showing pupils practical applications of mathematics.

4. Awakening creative thinking and interest in pupils.

Competition Rules

1. Each pupil is to complete independently the mosaic work by any of the following techniques:
- a computer graphic in JPG format, or
- artistic work (by oil painting, crayon, pastels or pencil in A4 format).

2. A teacher can send a maximum of 5 works from their school:
- by email using the form that can be found at , or
- by traditional post (name and surname of the participant, age, name of school and town should be written on the reverse side of the work)
and sent to
Gimnazjum nr 23
ul. Czackiego 8
85-138 Bydgoszcz
Poland (clearly marked Mosaic Making).

3. The deadline for sending in work expires on 15 March 2005.

4. The competition panel will evaluate pupils works in two age groups:
- IV - VI class of primary school,
- I - III class of gimnazjum school.

5. In each age group, pupils work will be evaluated in two categories:
- computer graphics,
- artistic work.

6. Evaluation will be based on the originality of the composition and use of colour.

7. The results of the competition will be posted on 15 April 2005 at

8. Competition winners will receive diplomas as well as non-monetary gifts, and teachers will receive thanks.

"This project has been realized with financial support of the European Community as part of the Socrates-Comenius program. The contents of the project or materials do not reflect the views of the European Commission or the National Agency in the given matter, and with regard to this, neither the European Commission nor the National Agency bear any responsibility for them"